Save Money with a Convenient Shipping Address right across the Border!

Here’s an excellent money saving tip if you like to shop online!

With the strong Canadian dollar, you can find a ton of amazing deals when you shop online. Unfortunately, a lot of U.S. retailers don’t ship to Canada, charge expensive international shipping fees, or use shipping couriers who hit you with crazy brokerage/ duty charges when you receive the package.

Luckily, there’s an awesome website/ service that solves all of these issues for us. Check out! They’re a network of reliable UPS stores across the U.S. Canadian border that you can ship your items to and pick up! The process is simple, just register for a free account, order your items and have them shipped to one of their convenient border locations. They will send you a text/ email and notify you when the package arrives, then just head down and pick it up.

So, the next time you’re ordering something from the States, you can save even more money by shipping the package to and picking it up when it arrives. It’s a popular service called “U.S. Parcel Acceptance For Canadian Residents” that’s affordable and easy to do.

I have used a service like many times and have saved a couple thousand dollars over the years. I buy a lot of stuff online and it’s shocking how everything is still a lot cheaper in the U.S. even with the strong Canadian dollar. This is what Need a US Address specializes in and know first hand the problems Canadians consumers can have when trying to purchase from U.S. retailers. They’ll be able to advise and assist you the entire way.

Here’s some of the benefits of

  • it’s easy, affordable, reliable and will save you money
  • can now take advantage of U.S. Retailer’s Free Shipping within the U.S. offers
  • can now buy from all U.S. Retailers even if they don’t ship to Canada
  • no longer have to worry about paying crazy international shipping rates or brokerage fees

Click here to visit Need a US Address’s website for more details and to sign-up for a free account now.

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