Michaels: Get 40% Off On One Regular Price Item (Until May 10)

From now until May 10, 2011, receive 40% off on one single regular price item at Michaels. One coupon per customer per day. The coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase.

With summer vacation approaching, your kids are going to need things to do to occupy their time. Take this opportunity to start stocking up on craft supplies and prevent boredom this summer.

Click here to print the Michaels 40% off coupon.

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Michaels: 25% Off Your Entire Purchase (Apr 25-29)

Whether you`re planning to make a gift or just buy one for your mother, Michaels definitely has what you need. From April 25-29, Michaels is offering 25% off your entire purchase including sale items. This offer is valid at Michaels stores only. Simply surrender this coupon at time of purchase. One coupon per customer per day. Additional restrictions apply.

Click here to print the Michaels 25% off coupon.

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HOT DEAL: The UPS Lewiston Store: Save Money with U.S. Parcel Acceptance For Canadian Residents (50% Off Coupon)

Here’s a Hot Tip that will save you a lot of money! The next time you’re buying something from the States,  have the package shipped to a US Address that’s near the border and pick it up when it arrives. It’s a service called “U.S. Parcel Acceptance For Canadian Residents.” It’s cheap and very easy to do and it will save you a lot of money. I have used U.S. Parcel Acceptance many times in the past and have probably saved a couple thousand dollars from doing so over the years. I buy a ton of stuff shopping online and it’s shocking how everything is still a lot cheaper in the US even the dollar is pretty much par. Thanks to U.S. Parcel Acceptance For Canadian Residents, I can now take advantage of a lot of US Retailer’s Free Shipping within the US promos, or no longer care if they don’t ship to Canada, or worry about paying insane international shipping rates or brokerage fees.

The Toronto Deals Blog is proud to announce that The UPS Store in Lewiston, NY has decided to sponsor our blog and make U.S. Parcel Acceptance extremely easy for all us in Toronto! Plus, they’re offering all Toronto Deals Blog visitors an Exclusive Coupon that will save you 50% Off the Parcel Acceptance Fee at the Lewiston UPS Store location!

They are a US based UPS Store near the Lewiston-Queenston bridge crossing near the Canada/ US border. About half of their customers are from the GTA area and use their U.S. Parcel Acceptance services. The store is only around a 90 minute drive from downtown Toronto. They specialize in U.S. parcel acceptance from Canadian residents. Many Toronto area residents order online from U.S. retailers and have their items shipped to them in order to save $$ and eliminate brokerage fees. The guys at Lewiston UPS Store have done this a million times and can assist you every step of the way. Feel free to call them at 716-405-7116 if you have any questions. If it’s your first time doing U.S. parcel acceptance, they’ll be more then happy to assist you.

Here’s some information about how it works:

U.S. Parcel Acceptance For Canadian Residents Available!
Hundreds of Canadian residents are saving $ by ordering online and shipping to our location. Eliminate international shipping and brokerage fees by shipping to us. Located just minutes from the Lewiston-Queenston and Rainbow bridges in the village of Lewiston, NY. Low fees, a convenient location and parcel acceptance from all carriers make us the perfect solution for all your shipping and parcel needs. We also offer mailbox rentals for those that need U.S. mail and parcel services year round. To use our parcel acceptance service simply use our location as your ship to address when ordering. Once your items arrive we will contact you. Please be sure to contact us via phone or email and provide us with a contact number and email address. We will then register you in our system so we are able to contact you when your parcels arrive.

Address Format For Parcel Acceptance:
Your Name
C/O The UPS Store
793 Center Street
Lewiston, NY 14092

Exclusive 50% Off Coupon for all Toronto Deals Blog visitors
Tim Kropp, the store owner/ manager has generously offered all Toronto Deals Blog visitors an exclusive coupon that will save you 50% Off the Parcel Acceptance Fee at the Lewiston UPS Store location. This means it will only cost you $5 for a standard package (regular $10), and only $10 for any package over 70lbs (regular $20). There’s a limit of 1 coupon per person, per visit and the coupon is good until 12/31/10! This will come in very handy during Black Friday and Christmas!

Click here to print the Exclusive Coupon.

How my wife could have save $75 if she used US Parcel Acceptance

Just to give you an example, my wife recently ordered a large makeup case on eBay without telling me about it. The eBay Seller was located in the US and offered Free Shipping within the US or $50 to ship to Canada. My wife paid $50 to ship it to our house in Canada. The package was shipped via UPS and when it arrived, they charged her an additional $46.18 in brokerage fees. She was furious and was not aware of the extra fees and had no choice but to pay it. Had my wife told me in advance prior to buying it, I would have advised her to ship it to the Lewiston UPS Store. Had she done so, she could have taken advantage of the seller’s Free Shipping (save $50) and would have only had to pay $10 parcel acceptance fee at the Lewiston UPS Store and about $10 in taxes at the border instead of the $96.18 ($50+46.18). On this transaction alone, she could have saved $75! This was a pretty cheap item. Imagine how much more she could have saved if it was a more expensive or larger item!

Click here to visit the Lewiston UPS Store website for more information or to use their US Parcel Acceptance service now!

Michaels: Save Big with Michaels Thanksgiving Day Specials Coupons

Michaels just sent me an email with 5 great printable coupons:

•10% Off Your Enter Purchase: Valid Saturday Oct 9, 9am-1pm (4 Hours Only)
•50% Off Any One Regular Priced Item: Oct. 9th-11th
•40% Off Any One Regular Priced Item : Oct. 12-15
•Extra 40% off Entire Purchase Artist Paints, Pencils, Pastels and Markers: Oct. 9-15
•55% off Your Custom Framing Order: Oct. 9-15

Click here to print the coupons.

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Coach Factory Store: Save Additional 20% Off Already Reduced Prices Coupon (Until Oct. 17)

I was thinking about not posting this deal so I could hide this deal from my wife. How many purses/bags does a girl really need?

Since it’s a pretty good deal, I decide to sacrifice my wallet and post it anyways for the greater good.

With Coach Factory Stores October Event Coupon, you can save an additional 20% off their already reduced prices, now through until October 17th, 2010.

Click here to print the coupon.

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Clearly Contacts Coupon Code: Save up to 30% Off on All Eyeglasses (Oct. 6- 8)

Thanks again Andrea for filling out the Suggest a Deal form and for telling us about this deal!

Save up to 30% Off on All Eyeglasses at Clearly Contacts. The sooner that you buy, the more you save. From now, through the weekend, save on ALL Eyeglasses and lens upgrades (including frames marked as ‘coupon not eligible’) as well as Contacts. This deal even works on all of their Premium Frames as well. Check out the coupon schedule below.

Hurry, because the sooner you shop, the more you save. If you wait, all that’s left will be scraps. Simply enter the following coupon codes at checkout to get the discount.

Wednesday Oct 6 – Gobble30 for 30% off
Thursday Oct 7 – Gobble20 for 20% off
Friday Oct 8 – Gobble10 for 10% off

Looking for contact lenses? The Thanksgiving Countdown sale has a deal for you, too! Check out Clearly Contacts huge selection of contact lenses and use coupon GOBBLE5 at checkout to take $5 Off.

Click here to visit Clearly Contacts website for more information about this deal or to place your order now.

East Side Mario’s Kids Eat Free or $10 Off $30 Purchase Coupon

Here’s a pretty sweet deal from East Side Mario’s. Click here to print the coupons. It’ll get you a $10 Off your next meal of $30 or more -or- Kids Eat Free everyday at anytime with the purchase of an adult entree coupon. You can only use 1 coupon at a time. The coupon is good until October 31, 2010.


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